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Maths Week ( 16th December 2016 to 22nd December 2016)

India is celebrating maths week from 16th December to 22nd December on the Birth anniversary of Sh.Srinivasa Ramanujan. Mathematics is the science of numbers and their operations. The word mathematics comes from Greek word ‘mathema’ and its meaning is to learn. Mathematics is the bone of most of the science subject engineering, architect, physics, chemistry and now even in biology. In one sentence mathematics is the oxygen for all subjects


                                In I.D. D.A. V. Public School, Hisar a team of mathematics teachers along with the students of class I to X also celebrated maths week with great enthusiasm

On 16th December on this occasion lecture on mathematics was delivered by one of our teachers. In her speech she told the importance of maths in our day to day life. She told maths is present in everyday life. It surrounds a person where ever a person goes. She told our monetary system, system of measurement, mechanical objects such as automobiles and many other aspects of life we encounter daily are highly dependent upon math.


On 17th December students made many objects (by paper folding) like birds, camera etc. Origami is an art of paper folding. In Japanese language Ori- to fold and gami- paper. There are many shapes that can be folded from a square sheet of paper.


On 19th December quiz competition were organized by different teachers for different classes.

Rounds of quiz were –

  1. General mathematical round.
  2. Formula/ Identity round.
  3. Rapid fire round.
  4. Fun with mathematics.
  5. Geometry round.

On 20th December Innovative Mathematical Models were made by the students.

On 21st December there was an exercise of Brain given to class IX- X students named as Sudoku and Kakuro. A Relay Race was being organized for class III- VIII to promote learning with fun.

On 22nd December a session on Vedic Maths was taken in which students were also told such as –

  1. How to find the squares of 2 digits number.
  2. Multiplication of 2-digit by 2- digit & 3- digit number by 3- digit number.
  3. Multiplication of 2-digit number by 111
  4. Multiplication of 3- digit number by 111.
  5. Multiplication of a number by 99, 999, 9999 etc.

A speech on biography of Sh. Srinivas Ramanujan was delivered and contributions to the society were told. Due to his contribution in Maths the Government of India has declared 22nd December as National Mathematics Day.

At the end of the session, an exhibition form of Project, Models, Posters, Objects made by Paper folding i.e. Origami were displayed. Suddenly a Phobia about Maths changed into Pleasing & Peaceful thought. All this has happened just because of the concept of celebrating Maths week.