The School Is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
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Activity Calender 2018-19 Class Nur-II  
  School Activity Calendar Nursery to 2nd 2018- 2019
Day and Date          Activities/ Competitions Class
                                 April, 2018  
Saturday, 7 World Health Day Celebration NUR - II
Friday,13 Baisakhi Celebration NUR - II
Wednesday,18 Famliarising with school building NUR - II
Thursday, 19 Mahatma Hans Raj Birthday Celebration NUR - II
Saturday, 21 Earth Day Celebration and Welcome Party NUR - II
Saturday,28 Fun with Balloons NUR - UKG
Wednesday, 25 Red Day Celebration NUR - U.K.G
Monday,30 Introductory Parent Teacher Interface ( Parents Orientation) NUR - II


                                 May, 2018  
Saturday,5 Thumb Painting I - II
Friday,11 Mother's Day Celebration(Card Making) NUR - II
Monday,14  Yellow Day Celebration NUR - UKG
Tuesday 15 Dental Checkup NUR - II
Wednesday,16 Finger Painting (Paper Plate) I - II
Saturday,19 Palm Painting I- II
Saturday,19 Blue Day Celebration NUR -UKG
Monday,21 Figure with Cotton Buds Activity NUR - UKG
Tuesday,22 Palm Painting LKG-UKG
Tuesday,22 Swimming Activity NUR 
Wednesday,23 Environment Day Celebration(Drawing Activity) NUR - II
Last working day
 of the month
Parents Teacher (PTSM) Student Meeting NUR - II


                                                                     June, 2018 ( Summer Vacation)



                                July, 2018  
Friday,6 Mango Day Celebration NUR - UKG
Saturday,7 Sprouts Day Celebration(Regarding Sprouts Day-Send sprouted black gram or moong, chopped tomato, cucumber(Kheera) and a piece of lemon for your ward) NUR - II
Friday,13 Toy Day Celebration NUR - UKG
Saturday,21 Monsoon Week(Paper Boat making, Rain Dance) NUR - UKG
Monday,23 Fun with Colour Activity I - II
Wednesday,25 Van Mahotsav(Plantation/ Drawing) NUR - II
Friday,27 Pencil Shaving Decoration I - II
Friday,27 Vegetable Market NUR - UKG
Tuesday,31 Parents Teacher Meeting NUR - II


                              August , 2018  
Wednesday,1 Fun with Clay NUR - II
Saturday,4 Musical Chair NUR - II
Friday,10 Teej celebration NUR - II
Tuesday,14 Independence Day Celebration NUR - II
Saturday,18 Hindi Abhivyakti-Charitra Varnan I-II
Saturday,18 Self Introduction NUR-UKG
Tuesday,21 Making Pen Stand(Best Out of Waste) I-II
Saturday,25 Rakhi Celebration NUR-II
Wednesday,29 Let's know about Great Personalities UKG-II
Friday,31 Parents Teacher Meeting  NUR - II


Saturday,1 Janamashtmi Celebration and Visit to Temple NUR - II
Wednesday,5 Teacher's Day Celebration NUR - II
Friday,7 Nature Walk NUR - II
Friday,14 Hindi Diwas Celebration(Hindi Kavita Path) NUR - II
Saturday,22 Green day Celebration NUR -UKG
Saturday,22 Spray Painting I - II
Monday,24 Let's Plant a Sapling(Plantation) I - II
Saturday,29 Preparation of a Zoo Scene ( Bring empty sweet box and a packet of plastic animals to make a zoo) I - II
                             October, 2018  
Wednesday,3 World Animals Welfare Day(Animal's Role Play) NUR - UKG
Wednesday,10 Parents Teacher Meeting  NUR - II
Monday, 15 Mask Making NUR - II
Wednesday,17 Dussehra Celebration NUR - II
Saturday,27 Hindi Calligraphy LKG- II
                            November, 2018  
Saturday,3 Diya /Candle decoration/Card Making I - II
Monday,5 Sweet and Candle distrtibution NUR - II
Tuesday,13 Fancy dress Show(Bal Diwas) NUR - UKG
Saturday,17 Collage Making I - II
Wednesday,21 Parents Teacher Meeting NUR - II
Saturday,24 Role Play (Let's know about Community Helpers) I- II
Saturday,24 Paper Ball Making LKG-UKG
                            December, 2018  
1st week of month Sports Week NUR - II
Saturday,1 Collage Making LKG-UKG
Monday,3 English Calligraphy LKG - II
Friday,7 Story Telling Activity(Hindi) LKG - II
Saturday,15 Time Activity I - II
Mon,17- Sat ,22 Maths Week will be celebrated / Super Market(Class 2) LKG - II
Saturday,22 Swami Shraddhanand Balidan Diwas UKG - II
Saturday,22 Alphabet Party LKG
Last Working Day Parents Teacher Meeting  NUR - II
                                         January, 2019  
Friday,11 Lohri Celebration NUR - II
Saturday,19 Orange Day Celebration NUR 
Saturday,19 English Rhyme Recitation(Class Activity) LKG-UKG
Thursday,24 English Story Telling Activity I - II
Friday,25 Republic Day Celebration NUR - II
Saturday,2 Parents Teacher Meeting  NUR - II
Monday,4 Bal Sabha Activity(I am Special) I- II
Saturday,9 Basant Panchmi Celebration NUR - II
Monday,18 G.K.Quiz I - II
Monday,18 Know About Traffic Lights NUR-UKG
Thursday,22 English Elocution(Daddy & I)
( To develop the skill of clear and expressive speech) 
I - II
Wednesday,28 Dayanand Birthday Celebration  NUR - II





Declaration of Result



Visits (Dates will be notified later)  1. M.G. Resort


                                                              3.Gyan Kendra


Dates will be notified later   1.Mantras Recitation

                                                2.Graduation Day

                                                 3. Solo Dance

Note:- 1. On every P.T.M., students are required to come with their parents in complete school  
              Uniform along with I-Card.    
            2. Parents are advised to attend Every P.T.M.    
            3. Counselling sessions are kept for the benefit of the parents.    
Parents are requested to send the material on the activity day.    
1. Finger Painting : Send one paper plate (16 May, 2018)    
2. Pen Stand : Send any old mug/tumber for the activity and material like old laces, buttons, bindi, old wrapping
 paper to decorate pen stand. (21 August, 2018)    
3. Zoo scene : Send empty sweet box, green glaze paper and a packet of plastic animals. (29, September 2018)
4. Divya and candle decoration : Send one diya or candle and lace or coloured ribbion or a packet of bind stones 
for decoration. (03, November 2018)